Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. has been the Bay Area’s largest Staffing Agency for the Respiratory Therapy profession for many years. With over 60 client hospitals throughout our history, you will have the opportunity to check out many Respiratory Therapy departments, discover your favorites, and learn of upcoming employment opportunities. You can be confident and proud of working with the first California based Respiratory Therapy Staffing Company to be certified by The Joint Commission in California, under the clinical supervision of Registered Respiratory Therapists with an extensive background in Respiratory care. As employment requirements in Respiratory Care have evolved, there is an increasing amount of documentation needed to be eligible for employment in California hospitals. Much of this documentation has been completed during your Respiratory Therapy training. We encourage keeping copies of all of these materials, and having them available in your personal records to show future employers. Having these documents available speeds up the hiring process. With any Respiratory Therapy employer, there are certain basic records that must be kept due to requirements from The Joint Commission, the Department of Health Services, hospital Human Resource departments, and other agencies.

Therapists who can provide the following documentation before hire, AND 1) receive at least two favorable clinical references from licensed RCP’s (RCP’s from your clinical rotations), 2) pass the Per Diem Competency Exam, 3) pass a 10-panel drug screen, and 4) pass a background check are eligible for an Entry-level job with Per Diem Staffing Systems, Inc. Upon completion of our company orientation, you will gain access to assignments available with our client hospitals.

To begin benefitting from your hard earned diploma and license, start by completing our online application and providing us with the following:

• Current Resume (listing dates as MM/YYYY to MM/YYYY)
• Current Respiratory Care Practitioner License
• Current Basic BLS for Healthcare Providers card from the American Heart Association
• Preferred as many of our client hospitals require these: PALS, NRP, and ACLS card (Copies of the above cards must show the front and the back of the card with your signature.)
• Measles, mumps, rubella, varicella titers on a lab slip
• PPD done within the last 12 months, or if you are a positive PPD, a Chest X-ray with negative results.
• Physical Examination stating you are fit to work without restrictions and clear of communicable diseases, done within the last 12 months
• Proof of seasonal flu immunization (or signed declination form)
• Proof of H1N1 and Tdap immunizations (or signed declination forms)
• School transcript or copy of AA or AS diploma from the college’s Respiratory Therapy Program and any other degree attained.
• Copy of ABG certificate or proficiency if achieved while on clinical rotation or from your school.

 To fill out an application you must register first.  It is quick and easy and helps make sure you are qualified before filling out the application. 


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